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Future-oriented, innovative – higher quality guaranteed

Welding robots mean an investment into the future, that's why we decided to expand the Hungarian factory with a modern welding robot installation.

Digitalization and the innovations in sensor and robot technology characterize the current industrial production. This smart production allows us a more precise, more effective and more specific production in a wide variety of the manufacturing industry. It also provides new technical opportunities for our customers.

Robotic welding in our steel structure manufacturing complements hand welding in the area of series welding. This is useful for complex components, simple parts welding in the production of special equipment, as well as in the production of machinery or steel structures.

Processes that are perfectly traceable are important to us in order to ensure maximum component quality and outstanding reproducibility of each welding. This way we can continuously monitor the process parameters during the robot welding and precisely document sustainable quality assurance.

With this equipment an automated welding of smaller pieces is possible, i.e. specimen  measuring up to 3 m length and 1.5 m width, weighing up to 300 kg.