"Compliance" is a term that refers to in-house adherence to legal and business standards, and it was already a matter of course in our company. However, due to numerous legal standards and requirements, it has also become increasingly important outside of the company. Therefore, the management team has decided to introduce a compliance management system in our company starting in 2013.

This compliance management system also serves to avoid rule violations, and it could also be considered an internal monitoring system, in which case it is very important that it is also implemented in the company and doesn't just exist on paper!

All areas of the business and work world are affected, both inside and outside of the company, for example:

  • Gifts and invitations
  • Bribes and corruption
  • Conflicts of interest with "nepotism"
  • Awarding bids and anti-trust laws
  • Protection of business secrets and data protection
  • Responsible treatment of company property
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Employee protection
  • Discrimination and bullying, etc.

We have specified the important guidelines and basic principles for behaviour that is in line with moral values and laws in our code of conduct, and we expect all employees and our business partners to act without ethical objections and with integrity in every situation. This enables us to make a sustainable contribution to our company and our sector.

For this reason, always remember: It's up to us!

Margit Hochsteger
Compliance Officer


Your contact person for compliance questions: